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I have completed clinical fellowship program from “Purple Dental Academy” under Dr. Manish Shah & Dr Sameer Savaliya. The program was absolutely awesome and Manish Sir inculcated entirely a new pattern of dentistry along with practice management. His direction has helped me a lot in my journey of dentistry....

Dr. Humaira Munshi


I Ekta Patel ,have done “rotary endodontics” course under the guidance of Dr. Manish Shah & Dr Sameer Savaliya. He not only introduced me the latest rotary systems but also taught every single detail regarding rotary endodontics. This course had helped me a lot in my day to day dentistry.

Dr. Ekta Patel



My journey at Purple Dental Academy spanned one full year where I learnt novel aspects of dental esthetics, basic to advanced endodontics, fixed prosthodontics and what could have made my time even better: dental implants from the stalwart himself, Dr. Manish Shah

Dr. Ashni Shah


I have completed one year INTERNSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM from Purple Dental Academy under Dr. Manish Shah & Dr Sameer Saaliya.Under sincere training from Sameer sir, I learned all the clinical skills of dentistry..Under this program i was given numerous patients for observation and to fair out my clinical skills. Sir taught me all the older and newer concepts of dentistry and also the practice management..Now I feel confident enough, that I can make my own place in this competitive world.

Dr. Khushboo Patel



Dr Manish Shah is a wonderful person by nature and I, Sneha Udhani proudly say that it was a great experience working under him. He is a motivationg mentor and i got to learn things that i now use in my professional career. Its has been an honour getting trained by him. He is one of those teachers “who very well knows how to present things so that it is understandable. It is because of him that being an oral stomatilogist I do RCTs that everyone appreciates.

Dr Sneha Udhani

MDS OMR Senior Resident, GMERS